Monday, 25 May 2009

Moddb Profile

Hey guys,

Just a heads up.. I have now created a Moddb profile as most people I know that like the mod were telling me to "make it official" by creating a profile for the mod on the site, so now i have! Go check it out!

In the 19 hours the profile has been up we have had some great responses.

Looking at the statistics I'm really pleased:

4 of 9,432
767 (639 today)
Last Update
19 hours ago
32 members

Check it out here!

Cloverfield Source mod for Half-Life 2



Sunday, 24 May 2009

Short Teaser Release

Good morning!

Just a quick update for anyone interested in the Mod.

I have been working on more sections as of late and tweaked a few things and although things are coming on quicker than before, not everything is finished so bare that in mind when viewing the clip.. It is a work in progress after all :-)

I know its not much of an update but i really dont want to show anything off that im not confident with so please bare with me and as little as the updates are, they are better than nothing i guess!

Thought i would take a Hi-res screen shot of the store part of the first level so people can see what it will look like in game. (again - its not finished so many details are missing and a lot of textures are acting as place holders at the moment)

The second image is pretty much concept. Its what I will be aiming for in the finished opening level.

and here is the sample trailer:

Anyway, Thanks for your time and i will continue to post updates when they become available