Sunday, 7 December 2008

Cloverfield Source is coming!

I thought I would create a blog to let everyone know about how the game/mod is coming on for Cloverfield source as a lot of people want news and updates on it.

I have been pretty busy the last few months so I have had little time to work on the mod and create much more than a re-vamped version of the "shop area" that you see in the video (That i am still tweaking and making final changes to).

Recently I have had a lot more free time which means that i can work on the mod more and hope to get it finished soon. I will keep this blog to upload any videos and bits of progress i make as i have it.

Please bare in mind i am the only person working on this mod so progress may seem slow. If anyone is interested in helping me with the mod send details of your previous work under one of my blog posts or email me Here or leave a comment on any of the blog posts.